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MassChallenge CH is highly connected with Inartis Foundation and its network of more than 2000 experts that can bring the right expertise at the right moment to the right person.


MassChallengeCH gathers 140 mentors coming from all industries and highly specialized in different areas, such as Life Science, Cleantech, Marketing, Finance, Law… Find more and connect with them on the Dashboard.

Startupers Community


We hope that you make the most of your time here and really immerse yourself in the
community. One of the greatest perks of being a Finalist is being able to work at of our brand new office space!


You are more than welcome to enjoy the lounge area at UniverCite level 2, and to discover the Makerpace Made@UC and the Hackerspace with Hackuarium. If you want to use the makerspace and hackerspace facilities and equipment, please contact managers before : Marc for the makerspace, Luc for the Hackerspace). By the way, ping-Pong, kitchen, tables and sofas are shared. Have fun!

Fair use and rules

You are welcome to use the beautiful new kitchen and to enjoy the provided dishes. After use, dont forget to clean the kitchen. Thanks to our super speedy dishwasher, you can clean, dry and order everything 😉


Internet access, both wireless and wired, is offered as a free service to all of MassChallenge’s finalists and guests! Guests may connect to the “MassChallenge” network with the password “innovation2016++”


 We are happy to provide you with with snacking and beverages, please make your selections and pay immediately at the provided boxes. Thanks !


You can have lunch at Mobilet Cafeteria first floor. During summer closing dates from mid July to mid-August, you are welcome to cook&eat @UC 2d floor. See also our brochure with restaurants address around the accelerator.


Limited free printing is offered on our shared color printer. Please be advised that our print- ers will experience heavy usage and may potentionally be out of service.

Meeting Rooms

Booking a conference room is easy! Simply book a room sending a request to conciergech@masschallenge.org, Be Kind Please do not make reservations over two hours, don’t remove art from walls, and be sure to clean up when you’re done!

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